I am an expert in organizing and each of you will go home with an individual plan from start to end on creating new space in your home and life!

Creativity and upcycling will not be forgotten in this class; this is what makes your space personal and beautiful.  


I would love to come to your city to hold a “Space Making Workshop”, keeping in mind that all you need is less! Contact me if you are interested- this is not going to cost a fortune or be difficult... 

My workshops are more like a retreat to learn, explore, exchange, meet and most importantly understand how to create more space in your life.

We will spend time as a group in a beautiful setting, along comfort and nature. You can let go for a weekend away from your clutter. Experience the essence and room to reflect on old habits you need to change. The distance will help you see clearly what you can do to simplify your life.

Isn't it the simplicity we are all longing for?                                    

Group Workshops are held to coordinate your thoughts and start clearing a space in your home, work and head. This is usally done locally, using either my workspace or a public place like the liberay or a healthcare office. For this workshop I schedule about two to three hours, depending on the group size and they are very cost effecient; starting at $10.00 per person.  


Staying in contact after the workshop is part of the experience and I am always available to give free advise. We can share progress, discuss difficulties and new ideas.

Group members are likely from your area and new friendships may develop.

I do not have a set price on the Space Making Workshop, because it depends on the area, group size and accomodations. Let me know where you live, and we can start working on the details. There is no cost or commitment  involved for the planning!  

Space Workshops are done in a retreat like setting over a weekend, sending you home with a still mind and a selfmade declutter plan. I set them up locally or come to your city! Read more below. 

Meet Clarity is an effective approach, that partners with reaching your declutter goal by using a clear mind. It is done one on one working with a horse, yes- you read this right. Horses are wonderful teachers in awarness because they value a clear mind and are non judgmental! I use my local stables in Hofheim, Germany. See below a more detailed description.

Space Travel is a two week vacation, held anually in May and October, in a small group setting, using my beautiful home in southern Arizona. A holiday for body and mind with absolutly no worries and lots of space! Click here for more details. 


My Parents House is a discussion workshop especially set up to support, understand, share ideas and experiences, to  help our parents live and relax into old age. It is often said that you can't replant an old tree; well, I think it is possible and sometimes there is no choice. We need to be gentle and bring some of the old soil along, and yes, there is a wonderful possibility to make it work. We should not  underestimate the elder and their capabilities to learn and continue. Instead we need to help them let go of things that do not serve them and support their restart into a simpler and beautiful new life.

This workshop can either be held in my personal work space or can be set up in your city, depending on location and demand. Guest speakers are welcome and the build of a support group is encouraged! 




As an Organizer and Moving Planner it is my job to help others when it comes to decluttering their surroundings. It is easy for me to take care of a room, get rid of clutter, reorganize the cupboards and bring out the beauty in old things. BUT it is work and I have to use my mind to focus on my client, the job and the schedule. I had to learn how to give my head some space, in order to enjoy rather than stress over my work. 

Having an uncluttered life means you need to have an uncluttered mind. Without a still mind, you may be able to keep your closet organized for a while, but not much longer... Isn't it the simplicity you are longing for? 

Giving your mind space is essential! Many have to relearn this in order to escape stress and restlessness that is created by neverending thoughts.

How do you relearn this?

Well, you need to practice awarness- let go and be in the present. This may take time and commitment.

Find your own way of practicing awarness. A good friend of mine rolls his eyes when I talk about yoga and meditation and would never try it. He doesn't know that he performs awarness everytime he makes music, sings or writes...

Did you know that horses are wonderful teachers in awarness because they value a still mind?

That is why I appreciate the help from my equine friends, because they let me know when I am not in the present. Horses are non judgmental, have no expectations or motives and are highly effective in mirroring our attitudes and behaviors and therefor give authentic feed back. All this makes them wonderful teachers. 

In my workshop "Meet Clarity" communicating using body language, senses and energy with a highly aware animal will help you discover when you are clear and in unity with yourself. The horse will not respond to your speech unless you have a clear message. Once this is achieved the horse will bring you in touch with your own intuition, inspiration, and sensitivity- meaning you are present! To reach this state of mind you had to let go of the clutter and confusion in your head. With practice it will become available to you whenever you need it. You will learn to be clear, speak and act in your interest.

You are not in the saddle and the horse is at liberty and can respond as it wishes.  

The session is scheduled for about 1.5 hours and costs $75.