It is important that you change the habits that create clutter in your life. If someone else does it for you, I guarantee, you are paying for a service that will only last a couple of weeks and you are right back to your old mess. Creating new means, might take a bit longer, but lasts a lifetime. You end up not just clearing your space, but your mind as well. You spend money only on things needed and will save so much precious time and so many dollars!

First  we come up with a storage area for sell- and giveaway items and a pile or rental dumpster for trash. Then we pick the first room for clearing. Depending on the size of your home and your available time, figure one week per room, to declutter your house. Do not forget to include the garage, attic, your space at work, garden or possible sheds.

We will look at your first room, see what needs to go and what could be used again, how to organize and what needs to happen before we meet next- here comes the purpose of the weekly checklist into play. Once you are done with your checklist, we meet for the next appointment and follow the same routine for the new room.

During the time of clearing your space, do not buy any new things, most likely you will not need it, unless it is on your checklist. I will try to encourage healthy habits, like sleep, food and exercise in your new routine.

With each room it gets better and better- soon you have more space, more time and a lot less hassle! 



I have moved a lot within Europe and North America, including Alaska and Hawaii. I am setting my customers up with a detailed planning list, using my acquired skills. With your needs addressed and my knowledge combined, your next move will be a smooth one. I am just the one to ask for help and to keep you sane, making sure you are not taking your old clutter with you!




To do it right you have to realize that it takes time. Remember how long you have been building this chaos? Do not worry it wont take this long to undo all of it. What it will take is your commitment and time- you have mine- and we will do it project by project.

To give you a realistic time frame, figure about one week per room, spending everyday a little bit of time in there and many trips to a charitable organization. Include your garage, backyard, attic, basement and sheds, in the calculation.

Be commited to reach your goal and let FRITZ assist you to stay on track with a helpful hand, knowing that things get done faster and easier together.    



- Free consultation, in person or virtually, to get an overview on what you would like to accomplish.    

- Hands on assistance with each project to help you declutter, organize, let go, sort and rearrange.

- Coordinate your progress between appointments.

- Organize storage and dumpster rental.

- Help you sell unwanted items.

- Upcycling.

- Color consultation, assist with designing your new space.

- Help hiring qualified personal for any necessary home  improvement.  

- Declutter Workshops, retreats, massages.



Specific jobs like organizing pantries, closets, refridgerators, desks and drawers can be booked without a detailed consultation.

I also offer Kitchen Makovers, where I focus on stacking the fridge and pantry with you, keeping healthy eating habbits in mind as well as creating shopping lists and time!   

Gift Certificates are available- why give more clutter if it does not serve the receiver on the other end?


"Simplifying and creating space is only lasting if you practice a healthy life style and create a circle to change negative habbits." - FRITZ Space Maker  



If you are not creating the mess by yourself, get everybody involved that does and demand help. I know it is not easy to involve kids, partners, spouses or roommates. It can be difficult to be consistent. My years as a mother, spouse and Organizer, have taught that once you get started with less stuff, it becomes easier to get others on board. I am all for helping the whole household!


I see myself as a coach for better living habits, creating lasting means in my client’s life.

What I do not do is emptying a space for you. I am there as an expert coach to assist with hands on work, advice, organize, schedule and accompany you to succeed in a simple and more beautiful life.

It is important that you change the habits that clutter your life; this way you are creating the space for new means that last a lifetime and not just a couple of weeks.