I have been practicing TouchLife Massage since 2006, with continued education by TouchLife in Darmstadt, Germany, in the following areas:

Advanced Back and Spine Massage

Prenatal Massage

Lateral Massages for clients that prefer not to lie on their stomach or back

Energetic Hara Massage, focusing on the torso

Infant Massage Course, teaching parents and caretakers to massage and relax with their babies

I am a licensed TouchLife Massage Practitioner. Practicing massage is a wonderful addition to my work as an organizer. I see my work in a wider spectrum than just organizing closets, a massage is more like a hands on experience on simplifying your life, giving you the idea of what you want to achieve and how it feels to have relaxed mind.

The massage table is a good place for you to let go. TouchLife is not just about massage techniques, but also about your breath, balancing your energy and being mindfully in the moment. 

A session is scheduled for 90 minutes. I use one hour for the massage. The bodywork is complemented by approximately 15 minutes of dialogue prior to and after the massage, including a rest period.   


My massage practice has not been set up in my office. Currently juggeling life while getting settled from my move from the US back to Germany, you can book a mobile massage at your home in the Main Taunus Kreis; a driving surcharge is applied for the Wiesbaden and Frankfurt areas. I prefer, if weather permits, to massage outside under your favorite tree. My massage table gets sterilized before each use and always comes with fresh sheets. While massaging inside and until we have a grip on the Covid pandamic, I will wear a face mask during the entire session and will ask you to do so as well, while not face down. Rest assured that I am only massaging clients without any flue and cold symptoms- this is an all time rule, since massage should never be practiced while feeling ill, due to a compromised immune system.