Contact FRITZ and let me know how I can help. We can make an appointment, in person or virtually, for a free consultation. After the consultation I charge 30 EURO PER HOUR.

For driving appointments a surcharge may be applied.

Organizing single jobs such as a cabinet, pantry, refrigerator, wardrobe, as well as a desk, shelf and drawer can be booked without a prior consultation. 

FRITZ sells GIFT CERTIFICATES for that special person that does not need more clutter, but could really use a closet makeover!  

LOCAL GROUP WORKSHOPS start as low as 10 EURO per person. 

Learn to use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without



Because team work is essential. You get done a lot more, much faster. By contemplating on where to start, what to keep and what needs to go, a professional can be the one that helps you make the right decision.

Take a look at the picture and all the little rocks the ants moved out of their home. Consider this your clutter and picture the space you create by hauling all the unnecessary crap out of your house, and I am here to help!

Unlike the ants, my goal is to not stack your stuff outside your home; as a matter of fact I like to have all the clutter moved by the end of the day!

We get things done! 


You can also rent our beautiful house for your vacation! Take a look and send me a message to check availability. 

$150 daily (min 3 nights)

$565 weekly

$2260 monthly

Weekly housekeeping is included. One time cleaning fee of $180 applied at check out. 


MEET CLARITY is another approach to help declutter your mind. It is usually done one on one being with a horse, yes- you read this right. Horses are wonderful teachers in awarness because they can only understand you with a still mind and a clear message. I use my local stables in Hofheim, Germany. Click here for a more detailed description. 75 EURO per person 


A TouchLife MASSAGE session is scheduled for 90 minutes. I use one hour for the massage. The bodywork is complemented by approximately 15 minutes of dialogue prior to and after the massage, including a rest period. 80 EURO 

TouchLife BABY MASSAGE COURSE for parents and caretakers includes 5 group sessions (max. 6 babies), 1hour each. Total of 80 EURO 

More about my massage work here. 

SPACE TRAVEL is a two week vacation, held anually in May and October, in a small group setting, using my beautiful home in southern Arizona. A holiday for body and mind with absolutly no worries and lots of space! Click here for more details. $3400 per person 

MY PARENTS HOME is a discussion workshop especially set up to support, share ideas and experiences, to understand and help our parents, to live and relax into their old age. It is often said that you can't replant an old tree; well, I think it is possible and sometimes there is no choice, but when we are gentle and bring some of the old soil along there is a wonderful possibility to make it work. Don't underestimate the elder and their capabilities to learn and continue. Help them to let go of things that do not serve them and restart into a simple and beautiful new life. This workshop can either be held in my personal work space or can be set up in your city, depending on location and demand. Guest speakers are welcome and the build of a support group is encouraged!

This is a non profit workshop and the price will be based on the accumulating planning expenses. 

SPACE WORKSHOPS are done in a retreat like setting over a weekend, sending you home with a still mind and a personalized declutter plan. I set them up locally or come to your city! Let me know where you live, and we can start working on the details. There is no cost or commitment involved for the planning! Read more here.

No set price on this workshop, because it depends on the area, group size and accomodations.