FRITZ is Karin Finney. I am a solopreneur as a Home-, Work- and Life Organizer in Germany, offering my help within the country, including a free frist time consulation on the phone or virtually. I also set up workshops in the US and Europe.

As a travel office manager in Europe, a teacher at the Travel Univeristy in Hawaii and a business owner in Germany, I gained the practical experience to organize and design a successful business.

On the other hand I have learned to run a household as a mother of two homeschooled children. Both were raised in Europe and the US, often without help and in strange places- this has really put my life and organizing skills into action.    

I have moved 17 times and there are more to come. With all my shifts and thereby acquired skills, I have become a natural with hands-on experience in organizing, downsizing and disregarding the things that don’t serve us. I work on empowering my clients to leave their chaotic struggle and to simplify into a happier life.

So, if your life seems to be buried under everything you own and are looking for someone to help with your chaos, I might be just the one to ask for help to keep you sane! Simply contact me and a detailed consultation in person or virtually will get you started on your journey!



Every week I spend time on preparing and keeping my little business updated. All the new info goes out via email and I am always excited sharing the latest FRITZ news! Most of it is available in English and German. I also DO NOT participate in other social media platforms and use primarily email and phone to stay in contact.

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